Our mission is to help companies, communities, and organizations to implement sustainability to their core values and practices.

Sustainability is not a choice but a necessity in times when we have reached the limits of natural systems. Bombus advises policymakers, businesses, and NGOs on applying systemic thinking to achieve sustainability goals. We analyze data, develop strategies and tools, implement projects and educate stakeholders to create solutions that are good for the economy, society, and environment.
Today’s world consists of complex interconnected systems, and to solve environmental and societal problems we need to create systemic changes. Bombus helps its partners to make sustainability transitions in the fields of:


Helping companies to create symbiotic relationships and adopt circular economy principles by making changes design of their products, processes, and business models.


Helping cities, municipalities, and regions to create communities based on sustainable development goals, modern technology, and active citizens.


Using technology, and nature-inspired solutions to reduce the impact on the environment on every step of the journey from the field to the table.

Built environment

Minimizing the environmental impact of residential and commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and infrastructure in the whole life cycle, from design and construction through exploitation and removal.

Energy and materials

Applying a regenerative approach to the production of renewable energy and materials cycle.


Educating a variety of stakeholders about the importance of change, emerging opportunities, and trends, and the most impactful solutions based on sustainable development goals.


We make our work…


Solving complex problems requires a holistic and comprehensive approach.
We apply systemic thinking and sustainability mindset to create impactful solutions.


If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
We measure key performance indicators and gather data to track progress..


Different types of organisations and communities are facing similar challenges.
We make sure our work is practical, scalable and replicable in different conditions.


Sometimes real problems can be hidden.
By finding critical points in systems we are addressing most important problems.


Only together we can create great change.
We work with different stakeholders to empower organizations and create positive impact.